Professional Christmas Light Installers In Dallas Texas



Most frequent questions and answers

In your first year with us we will source professional grade lights for you using our bulk contractor discounts.  Your first years cost will include materials and labor, where future years will only have a labor cost as you already own the lights.

Starting in 2022 we are guaranteeing all lights purchased through us for as long as we install and store them.  You will NEVER have to buy lights again!  If a strand goes bad or all the bulbs burn out… we replace everything at no cost to you.  Warranty is void if customer takes possession of lights.

Do NOT trust your landscaper to do your electrical… I know they only charge $199 but it’s not worth the risk.  We are certified Christmas light installers who are professionally trained to work with electricity.  We carry a $2,000,000 general liability insurance policy that will cover anything from a ladder falling on your car, to a wreath scratching your siding.

We pride ourselves on making every Christmas magical.  With our all-inclusive service you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong, we will make sure everything is perfect before the holidays at no extra cost to you!  We have hundreds of homes we hang Christmas lights for and sometime in the future there might be that one home we just cant make perfect for the client.  If you are un-satisfied with our service for any reason we will give you a full refund on our service labor.  You still own your lights and can do with them as you please.

We have NO additional charges for service calls during the season.  If a bulb goes out, or a strand falls down, we will get out and replace/fix anything you need!

Our all-inclusive service means that you pay one price and don’t get nickeled and dimed with additional charges to replace bulbs or takedown your lights.  Our Christmas light service includes installation, service, takedown, and off-season storage.

Yes! You own the lights and we take care of them for you.  If you move, decide to hang them yourself, or want to give them to your mom for her house, they are your lights.  Our installation service and warranty are only valid if we maintain and store your lights.  If you take them back from us for your kid’s science project or let your sister borrow them for a birthday party our warranty is void.  Unfortunately we can only service lights we have properly cared for.

If you want us to install the lights you currently own we can accommodate you.  Unfortunately because the lights have not been maintained and purchased through them we will not be able to provide you with a warranty or free service calls.  Service calls and bulb replacement will be an additional cost for materials and labor.